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Here are some of the monologues, songs and instruments

I have used in my theatre career.


This is a musical montage of some Equity theatre

shows I have performed in.

A Thousand Clowns

This monologue is from “ A Thousand Clowns.”

Murray is talking to Sandra (Dr. Markowitz)

the grapes of wrath

In “The Grapes Of Wrath” I was an actor-musician,

musical director and composer. Here is a music 

video of some of that work.

The Grapes of wrath

This is a monologue from “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Uncle John is talking to the preacher.

Lady be good

I played Jeff White in “Lady Be Good” at

The Kennedy Center and the Godspeed

Opera House. Here is one of the songs from

that show entitled, “Little Jazz Bird.”

twelfth night

This monologue is from Shakespeare’s "Twelfth 

Night." Fabian is talking to Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

Shakespearean instruments

Here are some instruments I have used in

Shakespearean productions. They are: lute,

mandola, tabor pipe & tambourine, pentatonic

lyre and parlor bagpipes.